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Give yourself better odds with the only clinic that arms renowned embryologists with the only sperm microscope powered by AI intelligence, uncompromising lab protocols, and best-in-class fertility technology.

Infertility isn’t just a “female issue.”

A woman’s egg supply is limited, so IVF uses all of the healthy eggs available. An average sperm sample has 100 million cells — but only a fraction is high-quality enough to fertilize an egg. Picking the most promising cell can increase the chances of pregnancy — while the wrong one can waste the precious few healthy eggs available.

  • 40%

    40% of infertility cases are due to male factors¹

  • 2%

    Sperm count is decreasing 2% every year²

  • 4%

    Only 4% of sperms cells are normal in an healthy sample³

Oma helps embryologists make more informed choices with fertility technology.


The average healthy sperm sample has 100 million sperm cells — but only 4% are normal.

  • In reality, only a portion of that 4% can actually be spotted with a traditional microscope — embryologists can typically only analyze cells around the middle of the field of view. This limits the pool of promising sperm cells to pair with the few available eggs per IVF cycle.
  • Sperm also move fast and rotate as they swim, making it challenging to follow the most promising cells. Which means finding promising sperm cells for IVF can be like looking for a needle in a moving haystack.

Oma Sperm InSight™ helps embryologists find the needle in the haystack.

Oma embryologists use Sperm InSight™ and our proprietary AI sperm microscope during sperm selection in order to identify the most promising sperm cells. The technology works like an AI assistant for our embryologists.

  • Sperm InSight™ analyzes and highlights the most promising sperm cells to be confirmed by the embryologist. Even though only 4% of cells in a sample may be normal, this gives us a greater pool of high-quality cells to choose from. Selecting the right sperm to pair with eggs can increase the odds of a successful pregnancy.
  • High pixel density makes it easier to see details, so embryologists can choose the most promising sperm cell.
  • AI analyzes and tracks sperm on the move, so embryologists don’t have to rely just on hand-eye coordination and fast reflexes to spot, follow, analyze, and choose sperm cells.

No compromises. ICSI is included.

ICSI is proven to lead to better success rates with IVF. So it’s included in the cost of every IVF cycle with Oma.

IVF - In vitro fertilization

Conventional IVF processes combines multiple sperm and an egg in a petri-dish in the hopes that one sperm can eventually fertilize one egg.

  • 60% fertilization rate⁴
ICSI - intracytoplasmic sperm injection

IVF with ICSI doesn’t leave it up to chance. An embryologist selects a specific sperm cell and injects it directly into the egg. And using the power of Sperm InSight, embryologists can be even more confident they’re choosing the most promising sperm cell.

  • 72% fertilization rate⁵
  • $800-$2,500 extra fee for ICSI at other clinics⁶
  • $0 additional cost for ICSI at Oma

Shouldn’t Oma’s fertility services cost more, not less, than the average clinic?

We think the average fertility clinic should charge less. The cost of providing fertility services has gone down over the years, but the price for patients hasn’t. There’s plenty of room for for-profit clinics to make their treatments more accessible—so that’s what we do.

Ethical pricing

Fertility services are priced fairly and the best equipment and proven processes are always included.

  1. No surprise hidden costs

  2. Don’t skip the gold-standard tests and procedures that would normally cost extra at other clinics

  3. Save more for your future family


  • What tests are done to diagnose infertility?

    Each individual is unique and your doctor will discuss the tests they prescribe with you. These may include the following for you and your partner:

    • Blood work
    • Semen analysis
    • Ultrasound of follicles
    • Hormone testing
  • What is Oma Sperm InSight?

    Oma Sperm InSight™ is our patent-pending, proprietary AI that examines, scores and tags the most promising sperm cells in a semen sample per World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. Our embryologists use it to help identify the most promising sperm in every sample.

  • Does insurance cover infertility treatment?

    Advances in infertility treatment have helped thousands of people become parents, but insurance coverage requirements vary by state and insurance plan. Check with your insurance provider to understand the fertility treatment benefits available to you.

    At Oma Fertility our financial coordinators can help make your treatment even more affordable. They’ll help you navigate your insurance options, how to use your FSA/HSA benefits, apply for financing, and assist you with grant applications. We also partner with CapexMD for fertility financing.