IVF and Fertility for Gay Couples

Family building for same-sex male couples

Your journey to fatherhood comes with a unique set of decisions, extra steps, and legal and financial considerations.

When a fertility clinic isn't designed to juggle those pieces, they're at risk of falling through the cracks.

Oma Fertiity is a fully-inclusive fertility clinic for gay couples, LGBTQ, and more. At Oma, we understand your fertility needs are unique, which is why our team makes them a part of your care plan, built into our internal processes, and streamlined for you by your care advocate.

We’re on it.

We partner with LGBTQIA+ welcoming egg donor banks and other third-party services.
We coordinate with third-party services so there’s less on your to-do list.
Our staff is trained in protocols for processes common in same-sex fertility care, like using a gestational surrogate.
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Fertility options for Gay Couples

Gestational Surrogacy
Our partner surrogacy agency will help you to match with a surrogate. We will then introduce you to attorneys who will guide you through the legal process.
You and your surrogate can opt for standard IVF or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), during which a single sperm is injected into each egg.

Getting started

Whether it’s surrogacy or IVF for gay couples, every step of your fertility journey should be clear and smooth—including getting started. Here’s how that works at Oma.

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  • 1
    Talk to a care advocate and fertility doctor
    Tell us about yourself and your partner in our contact form. A care advocate will reach out to talk about your goals and history (they'll be your point-person going forward). A fertility doctor will then review your goals and history with you and prescribe tests like blood work and semen analysis.
  • 2
    Review your care plan, costs, and what insurance may cover
    Once your test results come back, your doctor will propose a care plan, answer questions, and adjust if needed. A financial coordinator will detail your costs and financing options.
  • 3
    Begin treatment
    We'll be there to help you through each step of the process.


  • Does insurance cover IVF for gay couples?

    Typically, insurance benefits do not cover expenses associated with IVF for gay couples. Oma Fertility does offer different financing options which you can read about here.

  • How does IVF work for gay couples?

    IVF for gay couples will follow the same steps as traditional IVF, however an egg donor and gestational surrogate will be required. Oma partners with LGBTQIA- welcoming egg donor banks and other third-party services. Our staff is trained in protocols for processes common in same-sex fertility care. You can read more about IVF for gay couples here.

  • How much does IVF cost for gay couples?

    Oma’s IVF services for gay couples will cost the same as IVF for anyone else. You can review pricing here. As a gay couple, there will be separate costs associated with both an egg donor and a gestational carrier, however those will be coordinated with third-parties outside of Oma.