Fertility Options
for Transgender Parents

Making parenthood possible for everyone

Fertility treatments for trans men and women are designed to be as simple and seamless of a process as all other aspiring parents. Your journey will begin with a call with one of Oma’s care advocates who will explain the process from start to finish and answer any questions you have.

We’re on it.

We partner with LGBTQIA+ welcoming egg donor banks and other third-party services.
We coordinate with third-party services so there’s less on your to-do list.
Top lab design and technology for in-house treatments like IUI and IVF.
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Your fertility treatment plan might include:

Egg Freezing
Freeze your eggs for use in the future when you are ready to build your family.
Embryo Creation
An embryo will be created in Oma’s fertility lab using your (or donated) eggs and sperm.
Frozen embryo transfer
The doctor will meet with you to determine the best transfer plan. Quality embryos not transferred can be frozen for use in future IVF cycles. If surrogacy is necessary, Oma can assist you through that process.

Preserving fertility for transgender patients

Oma Fertility offers a range of fertility preservation options for transgender patients including egg/sperm freezing, eventual gestational surrogacy or IVF for female-to-male transgeneder patients. For male-to-female patients, one of Oma’s care advocates will gladly provide information on our sperm banking partners.

Getting started

Every step of your fertility journey should be clear and smooth—including getting started. Here’s how that works at Oma.

Schedule intro call
  • 1
    Talk to a care advocate and fertility doctor
    Tell us about yourself in our contact form. A care advocate will reach out to talk about your goals and history (they’ll be your point-person going forward). A fertility doctor will then review your goals and history with you and prescribe tests like bloodwork, ultrasounds and a semen analysis if applicable.
  • 2
    Review your care plan and costs
    Once your test results come back, your doctor will propose a care plan, answer questions, and make adjustments if needed. A financial coordinator will detail your costs and financing options.
  • 3
    Begin treatment
    We’ll be there to help you through each step of the process.