Welcome to Oma Atlanta IVF Fertility Clinic

Oma Atlanta offers fertility treatments and preservation services for all types of families. Read on to learn more about our Atlanta clinic offerings, team and how to get in touch.

  • Monday - Thursday:8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (EST)
  • Friday:8:00 AM to 1:00 PM (EST)
  • Weekends & Holidays:By appointment only

Why Choose Oma Fertility for Your Fertility Care in Atlanta

Our Atlanta clinic offers families

Cutting-edge technology including Oma Sperm InSight™
Empathetic care so your experience is personalized and you never feel like a number
Ethical pricing with flat-fees and no hidden costs so there are never any surprises


  • What tests are done to diagnose infertility?

    Each individual is unique and your doctor will discuss the tests they prescribe with you. These may include the following for you and your partner:

    • Blood work
    • Semen analysis
    • Ultrasound of follicles
    • Hormone testing
  • How is Oma Fertility able to reduce the cost of IVF so significantly?

    The costs to run a fertility clinic have come down since the early days of IVF but most fertility clinics have not passed on the savings to patients. At Oma Fertility, we practice ethical pricing and believe that fertility clinics can make a profit without taking advantage of families – we price more affordably simply because we can.

  • Does insurance cover infertility treatment?

    Advances in infertility treatment have helped thousands of people become parents, but insurance coverage requirements vary by state and insurance plan. Check with your insurance provider to understand the fertility treatment benefits available to you.

    At Oma Fertility our financial coordinators can help make your treatment even more affordable. They’ll help you navigate your insurance options, how to use your FSA/HSA benefits, apply for financing, and assist you with grant applications. We also partner with CapexMD for fertility financing.

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What our families say

“I can’t recommend the Atlanta office enough - Dr. Fru, Sharon, Taylor, and the entire staff there are so kind and compassionate and are truly in your corner supporting you the whole way. It’s so easy to feel like just another number in these scenarios, but this office truly sees each person as individuals and therefore plans their care that way as well. Highly recommend.”

Oma patient