Egg Freezing in California

Egg Freezing

* Pricing varies by location and final treatment plan determined your fertility specialist. Prices listed do not apply to “Powered By Oma Fertility” locations.
Virtual Fertility Careavailable for patients residing in California
Ethical pricing:
  • Flat price without hidden fees, surprise costs, or inflated profit margins

  • All blood work, tests, ultrasounds, appointments, and monitoring

  • Retrieval

  • Freezing

  • 1 year of storage for retrieved eggs ($250-$500/year after the first year)

Does not include:
  • Prescribed injectable medication, which is purchased through a pharmacy (your insurance may cover this)

  • Anesthesia

As women age, egg health drops off significantly. By freezing younger, healthier eggs, you can improve your chances of a successful pregnancy later in life. We offer a number of cryopreservation services, and we’re happy to discuss all of your options with you to find the best path for preserving your fertility.

The Oma difference
  • Ultrasound machines display images of follicles to allow for more accurate and faster monitoring.

  • No additional costs for additional blood work, tests, ultrasounds, appointments, or monitoring.

Egg freezing at Oma may be right for heterosexual and LGBTQIA+ couples and singles who
  • Want to wait to have a child.

  • Are assigned female at birth and undergoing or plan to undergo testosterone treatment.

  • Have PCOS, endometriosis, or other diagnoses that can affect fertility.

  • Are going through cancer treatments that can injure or destroy a healthy egg supply, like chemotherapy and radiation.

  • Are undergoing surgical removal of a fallopian tube, an ovary, or the uterus.

Interested in freezing your eggs and helping others?
Learn about our Shared Egg Freezing program.

The full egg-freezing journey

  • 1
    Stimulating Egg Production

    During this step, you’ll begin hormonal treatments by either taking a pill or an injectable medication. This medication encourages your ovaries to produce more mature eggs than they would naturally. The end goal is to get at least three mature and fully-developed eggs. We’ll track your egg development with blood tests and ultrasounds. It takes time for your body to adjust to the hormones and nurture your new eggs, so this stage can take several weeks.

  • 2
    Ovulation and Egg Retrieval

    Once you’ve produced enough mature eggs, you’ll receive a hormone injection that induces ovulation (releasing the mature eggs). After about 36 hours, you’ll return to our office for the outpatient egg retrieval procedure. An anesthesiologist will place you under IV sedation and our specialists will remove the eggs. This only takes about 15 minutes, and you’ll rest comfortably afterwards in one of our recovery rooms. After about 30 minutes, you’ll be able to go home.

  • 3
    Egg Vitrification

    Vitrification is a special way to freeze your eggs and embryos that avoids trauma to the cells. Water is removed from the eggs or embryos and replaced with an “antifreeze”. Then the egg is quickly brought to a very cold temperature. By removing the water and freezing it quickly, your eggs or embryos are safe from damaging ice crystal formation.