IVF Surrogacy in California

Gestational Surrogacy & IVF Surrogacy

Virtual Fertility Careavailable for patients residing in California

You will be working directly with a surrogacy agency partner to select the surrogate. After your selection, our team will help you with next steps.

Gestational surrogacy is where a gestational carrier agrees to carry a pregnancy for those that cannot carry their baby themselves. Our gestational carrier partner program will help you through the whole process, from choosing a gestational carrier to completing the required paperwork and legal documents.

The Oma difference
  • Oma uses Oma Sperm InSight™ and our proprietary AI microscope, which together help our embryologists select the most promising sperm cell for IVF. The microscope helps them analyze 20x more sperm cells than a traditional microscope in the same amount of time. Oma Sperm InSight is our AI technology that identifies the most promising sperm based on criteria from the World Health Organization.

  • Ultrasound machines display images of follicles to allow for more accurate and faster monitoring.

  • Embryo incubation uses the latest technology that allows for precise control of the environment and maximum chances for your embryos to mature.

  • Gold-standard method intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is always included at no extra cost. ICSI has a ~72% fertilization rate compared to ~60% for regular IVF.

  • No additional costs for extra blood work, tests, ultrasounds, appointments, or monitoring.

Using gestational surrogacy with Oma may be right for
  • Anyone without a uterus or with health condition that prevents them from carrying a baby in their uterus.

  • Single men ready to have a child.

  • Same-sex or transgender couples where neither partner has a uterus.

The full IVF journey with a gestational carrier

  • 1
    Initial Fertility Testing & Diagnosis

    You’ll start with testing and and diagnosis to give the Oma team a more complete picture of your health and options.

  • 2
    Care Coordination & Financial Consultation

    An Oma staff member will go over the financial side of the IVF process with you. Your clincial team will review your calendar, order your medication, and prepare you for your treatment.

  • 3
    Gestational Carrier Search

    You’ll work with an agency to find a gestational carrier.

  • 4

    If the embryo is coming from you and your partner, then you will go through almost all of the steps of the IVF process to develop, retrieve, and fertilize the eggs. Once the embryos have developed, they will be screened for genetic conditions.

  • 5
    Embryo Transfer

    After genetic screening, the healthiest and most viable embryos will be transferred to your gestational carrier, who carries the pregnancy and delivers your baby.